I do this all the time

I don’t post and don’t post and don’t post…but life keeps happening and things I should be writing about pile up in my brain until I can’t think any more. Then I don’t want to post everything at once. So i forget. Then i remember when I am away from the computer.

I have at least a half dozen places where I write down ideas, but no coherent system to organize them.

Anyway, this post is going to be a list of things that I need to write about. Maybe if i keep it here, it will shame me into action.

1. Son busted his nose at after school care and we had to get his head examined (it was overdue, if you ask me)
2. Daughter failed her school hearing screening at every sound frequency.
3. I dragged my husband to our fist BDSM lifestyle gathering – it was a workshop about Japanese bondage.
4. I interviewed for and was offered a job that will make my life hell for 6 weeks and hardly pay me enough to cover my expenses to do it. I am still crazy enough to be considering it.
5. I need to write my “This I believe” essay.
6. I met a friend for coffee on Saturday, and the best news she had for me was that I should be grateful for my continued good health.
7. Daughter is testing for her yellow belt today.
8. I saw Match Point over the weekend. It was awesome. So here I am reccing – review to follow.

That is all.

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