parental insecurities

#7 first, I think.

Daughter was supposed to test for her yellow belt yesterday, but it did not come to pass. She was a bit shaky on the last few moves and the sifu decided against testing her. She was pretty disappointed. But she’d have been more disappointed if she hadn’t passed. And sifu covered it pretty well by mentioning that he thought she wanted to test with another girl in the class. So, all in all, not sucha bad thing.

Still, it made me sad that she didn’t get to do it, and I felt a bit guilty for not working with her more on her katas.

The weird thing about kid’s activities these days is that every one of them imagines that you are dedicating your child to only that one. Classes three times a week and then practice at home, and then performances. Then there is the competitiveness – between parents, between kids, between organizations.

I want my kids to learn to play a musical instrument and participate in meaningful physical activity. But it is both expensive and time-consuming, and neither Husband nor I have the flexibility to leave work early to get kids where they need to be on time. Come to think of it, I would also like my kids to be learning another language. Where are these options in public school? They are just almost available. The kids have music and p.e., but neither of those classes ends with your child knowing a new skill. At the elementary level, and often at the middle and high school levels, these classes do not offer the opportunity of mastery.

It is disappointing. And with so much focus on the other troubles plaguing public schools, I suppose it is unlikely to be addressed in any systemic way. So I am left to my own devices in supplementing my children’s educations with things that I feel are pretty important.

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