The University of Michigan, Graduate Student Instructor

English 290: Fan Cultures, Winter 2018


English 292: Grammar Boot Camp, Winter 2017

I served as a grader and discussion facilitator for this 8-week undergraduate mini-course taught by Professor Anne Curzan that explored the role of prescriptivism in academic writing.

Education 440: The Teaching of English, Fall 2014

As a teacher of Methods in the Teaching of English, I selected readings in the theory and practice of teaching English in secondary schools and designed activities that provided opportunities for students to create, rehearse, implement, and reflect on lesson plans that they created for secondary students in their field placements.

Education 304: Problems and Principles of Secondary Education, Winter 2014

As a field instructor for student teachers, I coordinated with mentor teachers in public and private secondary schools to support students as they took responsibility for teaching multiple classes. I observed classes, provided feedback, wrote reports and recommendations for evaluation during the certification process and met with students weekly to discuss successes and problems of practice as they were experiencing them.

Education 307: Practicum 2, Student Teaching Field Placement, Fall 2013

As a field instructor for pre-service teachers placed in secondary public schools for the purpose of observing instructional practice, I designed weekly reflection and discussion activities that improved students’ observation and analysis skills in the classroom. I coordinated with mentor teachers and observed classes with students to help them interpret classroom dynamics. I supported students in their creation of a three-day sequence of lessons, which I observed and provided constructive feedback on.

English 125: Writing and Academic Inquiry, Fall 2012

As an instructor of first year composition, I selected texts and designed activities that promoted repeated reading and reflection on both independent and collaborative knowledge making and writing processes. Students composed in multiple media and participated in weekly workshop and peer review activities that strengthened their ability to write reflectively about their metacognitive knowledge and skills.

Austin Community College, Adjunct Professor

Composition I for Non-native Speakers – Spring 2012

Composition II/American Lit (dual credit) – Spring 2012

Composition II/British Lit (dual credit) – Spring 2012

Writing Skills II – Spring 2012

Composition I/American Lit (dual credit) – Fall 2011

Composition I/British Lit (dual credit) – Fall 2011