It really is work this time

Here I am at work on a Saturday. Pretty much getting paid to do nothing since no student in his/her right mind would voluntarily show up on the first Saturday of the semester to take a test that he/she missed last year.

Oh well. I got some of my desk, cleared? Reorganized is more like.

Next week I will begin teaching an extra class after school to help kids who made a 50 or below for the semester recover credit for English III. I am wondering what the heck I’m going to do with them. I haven’t taught English III before, though I did student teach a section of it 10 years ago. Unbelievable to think it has been that long. And coming in with a 50 average for the semester means I’m probably going to be dealing with some serious motivation and attendance issues. Still, they have to volunteer to come, so that seems to bode well. And I like American Literature, so I have that going for me.

Husband is watching the kids and their sleepover guest this morning and hopefully getting the house into some kind of order so a friend of ous can come over and watch season 6 of Buffy. I wonder if he remembered to take Daughter to Kung Fu. Perhaps not with all of the commotion of company.

I am supposed to go this afternoon, but will probably watch Buffy with my friend instead. Slacker. I guess I haven’t quite figured out how to juggle all the stuff that has to be juggled if you want to have a career, friends, family, and time to yourself. At least, not without cutting Kung Fu every once in a while. Or, every week as the case has been lately.

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