The Hard Way

There are some people in life – and I count myself one – who just enjoy doing things the hard way. Enjoy is probably the wrong word for it. What I really mean is that for some of us, or perhaps for all of us in some aspect of our lives, it is simply impossible to learn much from the example of others. No matter how strongly we want to avoid error and failure, we just can’t let go of our predilection for jumping in there and doing it wrong so we can figure out how to do it right.

I am beginning to realize that this is sort of a depressing tone for an opening post.

I am starting this blog without the support of my friends (because I haven’t told them about it) and without the help of my husband (who is technologically savvy enough to sweep right in here and customize the hell out of it without me being any the wiser) because I would like to learn how to do this. I’m sure to draw them into it eventually, but I am kind of enjoying this little quiet space I’ve made for myself to mess up in.

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