I might be losing it

I’m thinking about taking a sabbatical from my job.  I still love teaching, but…I don’t know.  Existential Crisis.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  My husband assures me it can be done.  He’s probably right.  I think I’m just worried about asking that level of sacrifice from all of us (myself included!  Though I haven’t had a massage since July, I am hopeful.)

What would we be giving up, exactly?  Movies, restaurants, travel, concerts, plays, eating.  Seriously, we can live off his paycheck if I can figure out our food.  I’m not even sure what we spend on food. 

Then there’s the health insurance thing.  Right now the kids’ coverage comes out of my paycheck.  If I stop working, insurance will go up at least $200, and it will have to come out of his check.

It means I really need to piece together $1600 a month, and that’s for subsistence.  Not sure how to do that.  Thinking on it, though.  It would help if we could actually refinance the house.

I have a long list of home repair/replacements that should probably happen before we lose half our income.

Despite the sheer terror i am feeling, I’m also kind of excited about it.  I worry, though, that I won’t use my time productively, that I will disappear into supporting my children’s school and social lives.  It would be easy to do. 

I don’t know how to find out the answer to this question without just jumping in and trying it.

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