Caption Fail Experiment

Here is a simple youtube video recording (made in my Computers and Writing class) of a blog post that I wrote two years ago. Turn on the caption feature (click the [cc] box) and behold the bizarre effect.

Some of my favorite bits:

“jeans occupancy mexican for us”

“still not added to his malcontents”

“I can have two ideas in the house isn’t going to let the sun together danish”

“the foundation making chicken temple”

“slightly less likely to write to kill each other in ring”

“also there’s flooding in opera”

and finally,

“the catholic up this morning

edges okay.”

I was planning to take the entry and run it through voiceover for Mac to see what the youtube caption feature spit out from a computer-generated voice, but I’ve been incredibly frustrated in getting voiceover to work smoothly.

ETA: Here is the VoiceOver version. The captions are not available yet. Not sure how long that might take.

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