Summer of Swim, day 13

We stayed overnight and went to visit Will’s dad in the hospital today. He apparently has a hole in his colon, and they are siphoning out all the junk it is dumping into his body through a tube that goes from his reopened surgical wound to a machine that collects it. It’s pretty gross. They are hoping his colon will heal itself, but at some point they will decide to remove it if it doesn’t heal on its own. We had to wear gowns and gloves to go into the room, and it is really all pretty alarming. We stayed for 30 minutes or so, but then he seemed tired, so we took the kids back to Sea World to swim before I had to be back for a meeting with my principal (more about that tomorrow – Mahala is sitting at my shoulder asking me worriedly about whether the Sandman is going to come.)

I have decided that I prefer the afternoon shift at Sea World to the morning one. This may change as the weather gets progressively hotter, but for now, I would rather go at about 4 pm than at 10 am. I went ahead and bought Mahala a season pass (it was only $5 more) in case we go back this week before she returns with the grandparents.

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