Summer of Swim, day 7

Today we swam at Barton Springs Pool – the swimmin’ hole that Austin is famous for. It is a constant temperature year-round (a brisk 68 degrees)because it is spring fed from the Edwards aquifer. I took a group of 12 ESL students to swim after their Spanish clep test, and Gavin and William met us there. It was a beautiful day in the high nineties, and the water felt divine. All-in-all, an excellent idea on my part. There is an admission charge ($1 children, $2 teen, and $3 adult), and it really is incredibly cold, so we wouldn’t go there every day, but it is – pretty much without fail – a good time. After I returned the students to school, we went over to Adam & Melissa’s to cook out on the grill. A very good day, indeed.

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