Summer of Swim, day 4

Today we went to Metz neighborhood pool because we heard there was a water playground. It turned out to be not much of a playground, and the Metz pool was closed because they didn’t have chlorine. So we drove about 3 miles over to the Martin neighborhood pool and swam. The only thing I didn’t like was that there was nowhere to sit in the shade and the pool at the same time. It was a pretty high-energy crowd, not too crowded, though. Many random kids used William as a shield in games of water tag. It was quite funny to watch them grab his arm and duck behind the only large white Mexican in a sea of brown bodies. (It kind of reminded me of one of the tenets of the Monty Python skit “How Not To Be Seen” – Don’t choose an obvious hiding place.) I think there is corrido material in there somewhere. Hope to get off my ass and post the pictures soon.

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