The drinking has commenced

I sent off my last paper today at 11:25 am CST, so I have officially completed all the work required of me for a M.Ed. I suppose I could fail the class, but I think it is fairly unlikely. I have one “A” posted, one pretty well in the bag (might be a B, but it’s an elective, so “oh well”) and a third grade completely up for grabs. No idea how I did in that class.

My lovely William bought me one of the two requested graduation gifts – a nice fountain pen. And honestly, though I’d like the Laphroaig, I’d likely drink it all in one go at this point and not enjoy it the way I should. So, perhaps after I gain employment.

In other news, Merlin asked me this week if I remembered her dance recital. I cautiously replied, “Uh, yeah.” Then she asked if she’d be getting balloons and flowers after her storyplay performance tomorrow like she did after her recital. Gavin’s gem of the week: When we asked what they were going to be in the Christmas pageant, Merlin said, “I think I’m an angel.” and Gavin replied, “I’m the dragon.” Well… we do go to St. George’s, so I suppose it is possible, but somehow, I think not.

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