I’m thinking of defecting to livejournal. I’ll let you know if I get the energy to pack up and move.

thought you ought to know

Otherwise things are going along as usual – school, kids, disaster of a house, school, insane dog, family, school, lack of sleep – accompanied by all the regular avoiding behaviors.

The result?

I don’t seem to be able to write myself out of a paper bag. Sorry!

*grins anxiously*

(see why I belong on livejournal?)

My extended absence from the blogosphere has apparently necessitated my removal from Adam’s links to Friday fivers, a tradition that started just over a year ago with Melissa, William, Adam, and I.

(See, I’m doing that lj thing again. I fear I have crossed over to the dark side permanently.)

It’s sad when your friends outgrow you.

Anyway, I’m taking a big test tomorrow and then I’m going to get smashed in celebration and then I’m going to clean my house, and then I’m going to see if I still recognize my kids, and then I am going to not do the annoying antisocial Harry Potter reading at Adam and Melissa’s 4th of July party (Where is book 6? Write, woman, write!)and then I am going to move to livejournal. Maybe.

“Be seein’ ya.” (Self-indulgent British tv reference for my husband, who undoubtedly has also stopped dropping by my blog.)

*struggles not to put in lj “feelings” codes and loses*

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